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Using Badges

Congratulations on earning your new e-badge!

Your e-badge may be used as an indicator of the skills you’ve gained in the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) learning environment. This e-badge will alert others of what you have earned, where you’ve earned your e-badge, and who issued your standard training. The meta-data within the e-badge verifies the criteria of your achievement and significance of earning this milestone. 

Your earned e-badge can be stored in Badgr, LinkedIn, and a host of other e-badge storing sites as a beginning or addition to your resume of badges by using the following instructions for two known e-badge storing/sharing sites: Badgr and LinkedIn. You will first need to create an account for each platform if you do not already have one.

Note:  Disable your popup blocker when trying to share your badges with social networks. 

Badgr: Login

Your Moodle backpack enables you to store and transfer your e-badge from Moodle to the Badgr platform in a few simple steps. You can store your achievement in Badgr for personal viewing or share your e-badge with relevant networks.

    1. To get started, please create a free Badgr account at
    2. In Moodle, click on your name (user menu at the top right), and select Preferences
    3. Navigate to Backpack settings under the Badges section
    4. Enter your Badgr user account email and password
    5. Moodle will send you an email to verify the Badgr account you registered. Look in your email inbox for a verification email and click the link to verify your connection to the backpack
    LinkedIn: Login

    Sharing your e-badge to your LinkedIn profile will showcase your competencies and ongoing professional development in a manner that can be instantly verified. You can share the accomplishment your badge represents with your current and future professional networks.

      1. To get started, please create a free LinkedIn account now at (if you do not already have one)
      2. From your preferred e-badge storing site account, select your Continuing Professional Education e-badge and click the ‘share’ button to share your e-badge to your LinkedIn profile
      3. Using the LinkedIn ‘Share’ feature share your profile and save
      4. Copy and paste name of the credential, the issuing organization, and the URL from your preferred e-badge storing site to LinkedIn
      5. You may need to repeat this action three times if it is your first time sharing
      6. Add the date in the correct field and save

        Note: You may also visit the helpdesk in your preferred e-badge storing site to add badges to LinkedIn.